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It took me 9 years before I sought help that I clearly needed.

I’ve tried committing suicide couple of times, and people just told me that don’t play play if I really want to die.

It was last year that I sought help. I thought being in a new university would change my life, but people always assume that being sexually harrassed by a lecturer isn’t a trauma.

It is to me.

I stopped going to classes because I was scared and I haven’t been able to give my best in anything.

People don’t hear people like us. We learn to play charade so well that when I sought help, my counsellors thought I was lying because I could still smile brightly.

That is how it is really.

I don’t tell anyone about my diagnosis. I want people to see me as me. Not what I have.

Saya adalah saya. Walaupun saya tak kenal siapa saya.

– Saya –

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